Innovation driven by the industry

Vécycle™ is carried forward by a commitment from all our partners to create the best possible solution for on-farm biogas. Together, we have co-designed, solved problems, innovated, and discovered new synergies.

We are proud to present the team.


SEGES Innovation

Solution design

SEGES Innovation has an almost universal advisor role in the Danish biogas space and has been a decisive factor in the prevalence and success of the Danish farming community in biogas production.

SEGES Innovation website


Engineering due diligence

PlanEnergi is the ideal partner for carrying out technical due diligence on biogas projects. With 35 years of consulting experience, PlanEnergi has been right in the center of the development of the Danish biogas and renewables sector.

PlanEnergi website


Engineering & construction consultancy

WSP is one of the world’s foremost professional services firms. Based in Canada, WSP provides engineering & construction management and consultancy services.

WSP website

EVB Engineering

Titan Research Group


Assentoft Silo

Digester Construction

Assentoft is a third-generation supplier to the Danish farming industry. For the last 28 years, Assentoft have specialized in the design and construction of sealed steel digesters, becoming the preferred supplier for Danish biogas market leaders.

This has earned Assentoft countless references in Denmark and abroad including in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and South Africa.

Assentoft Silo website


Gas upgrading system and boiler

Established in 1991, NISSEN Energy has played a central part in shaping the Danish biogas successes over the past 30 years. Initially, NISSEN established themselves as best in class when it comes to gas engines and burners, having installed close to 500 units over the years.

As the market for “greening the pipe” has evolved, NISSEN has managed to stay ahead, and is now a market leader in the field of gas upgrading. This success rests on NISSEN’s strong focus on after sale service, which has enabled them to stay on the forefront of biogas producers’ changing demands. NISSEN has representation in Chicago and is poised to establish themselves in Ontario.

NISSEN Energy website

Terbrack Maschinenbau & Wangen Pumpen

Organics mixing

Renowned German companies Terbrack and Wangen have established a joint supply of this turn-key system designed to dose organics, mix with manure, and inject into main digester.

Established in 1997 and with more than 1,000 projects behind them, including in Canada, Terbrack has positioned themselves as global market leaders in the field of conveyance, dosage, and feeding.

Wangen has been producing pumps since 1969 for the global market, with global headquarters in Germany and Illinois, and distribution partners on every continent, including in Ontario. Wangen is the number one supplier of pumps for the biogas industry in Europe.

Terbrack Maschinenbau website

Wangen Pumpen website


Agitation system

Landia has developed the most reliable patented agitation system developed for the biogas industry. The design uses an injection system that eliminates any in-tank installations, making it highly reliable with a long lifecycle and ease of maintenance. Landia has been developing their skills for almost 90 years, which is how they have arrived at their current level of technology.

Headquartered in Denmark, Landia also has representation in the UK, Germany, Norway, US, and China.

Landia website

D3S Smedeservice

Heat exchanger

D3S has provided consistent designs and welding services to the industry since 1996. The heat exchanger is specially fitted to the standard Vecycle design.

D3S Smedeservice website

Endress + Hauser


Endress + Hauser website



Victaulic website


Foundations and roads

Schoonderwoerd website

Canadian Metal Buildings

LSM Pumper


LSM is a world leading manufacturer of hose pumps, supplying both agro and biogas industries. LSM has production in both Denmark and Germany and is now starting up in Canada as well.

LSM Pumper website


CTS & Electrical engineering

Ltech holds unique expertise combining cloud technology and electrical engineering. Ltech has engineered the electrical installation of the standard Vecycle plant for optimal operations and connectivity to Vecycle’s cloud-based operations platform.

LTECH website



Insatech has more than 30 years of experience in providing instruments and sensors for the pharmaceutical industry and utility sector amongst others. Insatech is a key partner in providing the high-resolution real-time data needed for monitoring and automating operations.

Insatech website



With 30 years of experience, Init has come out on top in the highly competitive and ever evolving field of automation. Init provides automation solutions for process plants and has developed the SCADA-level automation standard for operating the Vécycle plant.

Init website


Green Island Group

Project lead

Green Island Group is a Copenhagen based greentech incubator established in 2019. In just a few years, Green Island Group has incubated a number of successful startups by combining well established renewable energy technologies with sound sustainable business models and a digital platform for operating solutions.

The Vecycle project is incorporated as Green Island Vecycle ApS under Green Island Group.

Green Island Group website

Green Energy Trading Corporation

Farmers’ organization

GET Corp is a second-tier coop, by farmers for farmers, established with the purpose of offering an industry-wide program for decarbonizing the entire Canadian dairy sector. GET Corp plans to commission 300+ Vecycle plants across Canada.

GET Corp website

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