Introducing a new standard for biogas

We have brought leading Danish suppliers together in designing the most technologically advanced biogas plant to date.

The Danish biogas industry is first in class with decades of experience resulting in more than a quarter of the country’s gas demand being supplied by the sector.

Much of the development in Danish biogas technology has taken place in collaboration with the agricultural sector with on-farm biogas production shaping the industry.

Vecycle aggregates decades of development and operational experience. We are proud to have facilitated this collective effort from leading technology suppliers and knowledge institutions.

The result: A collectively designed solution representing a new global standard for on-farm biogas.

A greentech partner for sustainable agriculture

Vécycle’s standard plant has the right size for on-farm operations with a daily intake of 100 tons of feedstock per digester.

All the feedstock comes from farm operations, and together with the farmer we agree on a detailed program for feeding the plant with manure and farm organics. As long as the farmer sticks to the program, we guarantee the yield.

The plant comes with a gas upgrading module capable of raising the methane level to 99% to meet gas condition requirements from pipeline operators. This makes it possible to market the gas as carbon-negative biomethane (also known as renewable natural gas) with an option to inject directly into existing pipelines. This process is known as “greening the pipe” as it displaces natural gas, which is a fossil fuel.

A Vécycle™ plant thus provides farmers with a very clear avenue for taking part in the green transition by becoming green energy producers.

In addition to biomethane displacing natural gas in the pipeline, processed manure replaces fossil fuel-based synthetic fertilizer. Cutting down on the need for synthetic fertilizer improves the farmer’s bottom line and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions in farm operations.

The Danish biogas sector proudly presents

The Vecycle plant design is the result of close collaboration between key stakeholders is the Danish biogas space, facilitated through a process of building information modelling (BIM).

Vecycle has coordinated this effort by raising a shared 3D model, with leading suppliers delivering components for integration and 3rd party experts validating and iterating on the design.

The final design is fully insured by SEGES Innovation, a leading knowledge institution widely accredited as the number one global authority on agricultural biogas operations.

The process of designing the Vecycle plant has revealed many small innovations and advancements along the way, and we can all safely say that this plant is greater than the sum of its components.

The Danish biogas sector is thus proud to present a new generation of biogas plants.


“Denmark has some world-leading suppliers of digesters, gas treatment systems, and operational software. Bringing all this together to create a new standard for on-farm biogas has really revealed just how much our industry has to offer”

Erik Madsen
Partner, Supplier Relations

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Remote monitoring and operational support

Vécycle plants are operated on our dedicated service platform Véhub™. We have created our very own operations stack to make sure we are in complete control of every output from every component on every single plant.

Servicing a Vécycle plant is made easy through Véhub. As long as you provides quality manure and feedstock, we guarantee the yield.

We monitor plant operations remotely, gather and store data, and utilize machine learning to preemptively detect malfunctions and implement running optimizations in the plant OS.

Each plant is assigned to a service hub through our local partner network carrying out routine maintenance and downtime response. We provide each service hub with a BIM-based mobile CMMS to connect them with our Center of Excellence on stand-by to crunch any and all operational challenges.

Operational data is presented in dashboards to farm personnel, service staff, and experts in Vehub’s Center of Excellence.

An on-site tablet, interfacing with the plant’s facility management system, makes sure that the service staff is provided with a bullet-proof means of mitigating any on-site situation that otherwise would cause extended downtime in production.

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