Transition requires collaboration

We believe that the challenges of transitioning to a new green economy must be solved in a spirit of collaboration and alignment of interests.

Old Norse culture featured a social practice in which community members gathered to enter a circle of nine hazel branches which were driven in the ground. This circle was called the Vé.

Local people would practice rituals inside the Vé to seek guidance in navigating the future together as a community.

As members entered the Vé, they held the resolve to leave ego behind, abandoning personal ambition and self-interested motives. Each would offer a sacrifice to the spirits as their contribution to the collective.

Everyone who played a role in shaping the future of the community would take part in the ritual. And whatever conclusions were reached in the Vé, had to be carried to fruition. In this way, the practice of the Vé guided the community in its development.

Green Island Group has erected a modern day Vé – through the creation of Vécycle – with the purpose of uniting key stakeholders in the Danish biogas community around a common effort.

Shared value creation

Together with our Danish partners, we have created a combined offer that draws on all of our individual qualities, where the sum is greater than its parts. We believe that integrating many perspectives and many fields of specialized knowledge enables new synergies and innovations to emerge.

Our standard plant has been developed in close collaboration with our customers, the Canadian dairy farming community. We have given special attention to nurturing the right ecosystem on both sides of the Atlantic to ensure the right environment for long-term shared value creation.

An important feature of our shared value creation is the use of circular ownership. Our partners in Canada have united the dairy community behind a collective program to decarbonize the industry through a second-tier cooperative of farmers procuring our services and marketing the end product – for farmers, by farmers.

Value for our environment

Shared value creation also includes the environment. We have aligned our commercial interests completely with environmental interests, meaning that our success is the environment’s success.

We create value by closing nutrient streams thereby preventing nutrient run off. The more we capture in our closed loop, the less is lead out to pollute our water sources and marine environment. And what we do capture, we use to generate energy that can replace fossil fuels as well as organic fertilizer that can replace chemical fertilizer to enrich the soil.

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